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What You Need To Know About Post Construction Cleaning
12Nov 2014
What You Need To Know About Post Construction CleaningWhether you are having a new office building constructed or doing minor renovations in your old office, any kind of construction work will bring a lot of dust and dirt in your (prospective) work space. Of course, you have an in-house cleaning crew that is responsible for cleaning your offices daily, but cleaning the dirt and debris out from a post-construction site needs powerful machines and techniques that your office cleaners may not have access to. Besides, you want to make sure that the cleaning services you employ do not damage or ruin any of the fresh work you have had done. This is why you need to employ professional cleaners who are trained in all aspects of builders cleaning.Here is what post-construction cleaning essentially entails – 1.    DustingAny kind of construction work will leave behind a variety of dust particles, some of which might be very difficult to remove. A professional cleaning company will have the experience of identifying the particular areas which are going to be tricky to dust – the corners and edges - and use powerful machines to blow out or suck the dust from these areas. They also have the required supplies to remove dust from a variety of surfaces such as hardwood floors, cemented surfaces, carpets and upholstery etc. Their cleaning staff will go over all object in the constructed area and nearby rooms and clean them.2.    WashingNot all surfaces can be cleaned by powerful vacuuming. Sometimes, dirt, water and oil can mix and cause the stains to stick to the surface. Depending upon the area being cleaned, washing with appropriate detergents might make a lot of difference in the cleanliness of the surface, followed by rinsing with high pressurized water, if possible. Washing will also help get rid of any characteristic smell left behind from construction work and spruce up the surrounding. Items around the house that are likely to have gathered dust upon them, such as throws, covers, rugs etc., may also be cleaned professionally. The surfaces that should not be washed or cleaned with water are wiped down using special cleaning agents. Experienced cleaners are aware of which areas to protect during a wash, so you will not run the risk of accidentally damaging the fresh finish applied on the furniture.3.    Removing debrisUsually construction work will leave behind chunks of debris within and outside the house or office. Along with this, you will inevitably also find some old materials such as furniture to dispose of. Before you hire a cleaning firm, clarify with them if they provide this additional service. If they do, it is worth signing up for it as it saves you the trouble of having to hire another company to remove the debris. The company will either sell the debris or recycle it. Either way, you will be rid of it without having to spend another dime than necessary.Some cleaning companies combine the cleaning and moving services. This means that they will clean the area for you and help you reinstall or rearrange furniture and other fittings in the house. They will also help you touch up on areas that need to be attended to or advice you on whether to contact a specialist to come and have a look over. While you will be paying for these services, there are chances that this price might be subsidized if you book the entire package. Also it saves you a lot of time and effort in having to look for another company.

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