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Is It Time To Get Your Mattress Cleaned Professionally?
03Dec 2014
Is It Time To Get Your Mattress Cleaned Professionally?Mattresses are can be easily forgotten when it comes to keeping them cleaned, but are in fact prone to hidden germs and dust mites. As we sleep the human body sheds skin, cells, hair and sweat so is it any wonder that it is a perfect place for germs and bacteria to flourish. Bear in mind we spend nearly a third of our life sleeping, so the mattress really gets a lot of use. Though the big question is how often and when should we clean a mattress. Cleaning a mattress is not easy and there is a lot to consider such as your lifestyle do you have children or pets. These add to the problem as small children and pets can generate more grime, sweat and hair etc to the bedding. So when do you need to take note that a mattress needs to be cleaned. To start do any members of your home suffer from allergies, asthmas and hay fever, eczema and other breathing problems? These ailments can be a sign that you mattress and possible other areas of the home including carpets and upholstery need a deep clean service. If you do have a family member that has one of these health problems you could help the situation and invest in having a professional cleaning company call and supply a cleaning service. Hiring professional cleaners will mean that the job will get done properly. A mattress is a difficult item of furniture to keep clean. Though you can vacuum weekly and clean up any stains as they occur, and turn it over every few months your cleaning process will not get deep into the fibers.  So therefore, the germs and bacteria will still be able to breed. It is difficult to wash a mattress as it can take a long time to dry. Most companies will use special high powered vacuums to really get deep into the fabrics of the mattress. Sometimes steam is used by a company, though a environmentally method it will need time to dry which can be a nuisance if you don’t have spare beds to sleep for a few days. A specialised cleaning will use the most effective procedures to really deep clean a mattress. The experts will use the best treatment to completely clean the mattress. You can rest assured the process will be effective. The most important thing is to make sure that the cleaning company uses the greenest methods for you and your family’s health. You don’t want harmful toxins and residues after using stronger chemicals in the atmosphere or on the mattress. You sleep on this between 5 to 8 hours on average so you don’t want the after effects of a cleaning service causing you more health problems. Get into the habit of hiring a mattress cleaning service at least every year. If you have children or pets it is probably a good idea to go for every 6 months. A mattress comes in varying thicknesses so when buying a mattress ensure you buy a good quality one. Cheap thin mattresses won’t last and may not be comfortable, but will still need to be taken care of. Make it worth your while and buy the best you can afford. Having them cleaned regularly will cost so you want it to last. A good mattress will last anything from 5 – 10 years, so they are not actually that expensive if you think about it. It is essential for you and your family’s health to look after them, and have them cleaned to keep bugs at bay.

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